Experience unique Flores and Komodo islands!

Flores island

Flores island is 354 km long and at the widest point, the island extending in a west-easterly direction measures 63 km. West of Flores are the small Rinca and Komodo islands. To the east are the islands Adonara and Solor, in the southeast Timor, in the north the Floressea with Sulawesi. About 18 kilometers off the north coast is the volcanic island of Palu'e. In the far west, Labuan Bajo is a booming tourist town. It is a tropical beauty with nearby attractions such as Komodo national park. There are also tons of brilliant dive spots and charming little islands. 

The city of Ende is located on the south coast and is the main ferry port towards Timor-Barat (West Timor). Ende has around 60.000 inhabitants and also small airport  just a few kilometers outside the city. East of the Ende on the north coast is Maumere, the largest town "capitol"on Flores island. The city of Maumere is located in the district of Sikka with 70,000 inhabitants.

Here is the largest airport of Flores. Capitol of East Flores is Larantuka.