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The island Flores is subdivided into six areas that are called - from the West to the East - Manggarai, Ngada, Ende-Lio, Sikka, Flores Timor and Lembata with their capitals Ruteng, Bajawa, Ende, Maumere, Larantuka and Lewoleba. Characteristic of the island is the remarkable difference in altitude between the mountainous regions (with summits that are between 2100 and 2445 metres high) and the depth of the sea that is partially 5000 metres. Flores has 14 active volcanos and there were some volcanic eruptions in the recent past : Mount Lewotobi (Eastern Flores) in 1938, Mt. Lerek (Lembata) in 1948, Mt. Rokatenda (Palue) in 1964 and Mt. Ia (Ende) in 1969. The strongest earthquake for hundred years has been on December 12th 1992. Volcano Kelimuto and its beautiful three coloured lakes are very famous and well known all over the world.






                                                 Most important cities on Flores island


  • Labuan Bajo — launching point for Komodo Island and diving and snorkeling
  • Ende — lazy capital of the Island and departure point for ferries to West Timor
  • Maumere — snorkeling / diving hotspot and easiest place to fly in and out of Flores
  • Riung — quiet fishing village on the north, gateway to the 17 Islands park.
  • Moni — launching point for trek up Mount Kelimutu
  • Bajawa — is one of the best areas in Nusa Tenggara to see indigenous architecture in local ethnic minority villages
  • Ruteng — ethnic minority center interesting local villages
  • Larantuka — port town on the eastern end of the island with a large Catholic community and Portuguese influences




flores island indonesia climate

Climate on Flores Island

Flores island can be subdivided into three areas  regarding to amount of rainfalls: 1. the dry north coast with less than 1.000 mm rain per annum, 2. the central mountains with more than 2.000 mm rain p.a. and 3. the south coast that profits by the rainfall more often. The dry season in the months from mid of April until mid-November. This is the best time for visiting Flores and Komodo island. There is the most sunshine around and little or no rainfall. The average annual temperature is on average 25.3 degrees Celsius. Myflorestour offer you unique and tailormade tours and tour-packages around Flores and Komodo island. Especially the months of August and September are particularly dry with only 2 rainy days a month. The transitional months of April and November still have 6 hours of sunshine but also more rainy days. But that's not a big problem, as the showers are short and heavy. Starting from December until March the monsoon winds coming over the islands with rain in luggage. These months are not so good for an comfortable trip to Flores Island.

Myflorestour recommend the dry season for your unparallel Flores and Komodo island experience.


Overview for Labuan Bajo on Flores:

April: 32°C, 6h sun, 8 days with rain

May: 31°C, 6h sun, 7 days with rain

June: 30°C, 6h sun, 4 days with rain

July: 31°C, 7h sun, 3 days with rain

     August: 30°C, 7h sun, 2 days with rain

             September: 31°C, 6h sun, 2 days with rain

       October: 31°C, 6h sun, 6 days with rain


              November: 31°C, 6h sun, 11 days with rain

How to get on Flores island?


By air

There are several airports in Flores. The most important and main one is in the city of Maumere named Fransiskus Xaverius Seda Airport. IATA code: MOF. There are also daily flights between Labuan Bajo, IATA code: LBJ and Denpasar on Bali island. IATA code: DPS.  Plus there are flights between Lombok island International Airport named Bandara Internasional Lombok, IATA: LOP and Kupangs / Timor El Tari Airport. IATA codeKOE).


By boat

Pelni ships operates from Labuan Bajo, Maumere, Larantuka and Ende. They connect the island with other parts of Indonesia. Numerous companies with a lot of boats in all classes serve Flores, including the ASDP ferry from Labuan Bajo to Sape on Sumbawa island. Check the Indonesian Pelni boats website for further details.

There is a slow daily boat or a fast three times a week boat to the city of Labuan Bajo from Sape on Sumbawa island. The fast boat also goes to Sumba twice a week.

Please note that these trips can cross open waters. My florestour strongly recommend all offers from the companies. There are boats with no navigation or safety equipment other than some lifejackets. That means no radio, flares or life rafts. So require proof of existence of radio equipment, lifejackets and life rafts. Myflorestour works exclusively with reputable providers who reliably fulfill all these points since years.


By bus

Travelling by bus is an alternative and cheap way to get to Flores island. But it is also the longest way. From Mataram on Lombok island is offer a combined ticket which including all buses and ferries costs. The journey takes over 24 hours and has a buffet meal included in the price on Sumbawa island. To the city of Bima on Sumbawa island the bus is 'executive class', while the 2 hours from Bima to Sape are done in a crammed minibus. When bought separately and traveling by local transport, the journey will probably be cheaper, but it requires several interchanges and you should consider whether it's worth the extra time and hassle.


Get around

The cheapest way to get around on Flores island are Bemos. Small vans with seats facing each other. They operate in all main towns. It is an incredible way to see the island and the driving ensures it is an exhilarating ride if you don't mind the heat, dust, and being squashed next to an old dear with a chicken. A distance that looks short on the map can still take hours in reality, so be patient and enjoy the ride.

The trans-Flores island highway is around 700 km long and the average speed on it is 30 km/h. The main towns from west to east are Labuan Bajo -Ruteng -Bajawa-Ende-Maumere and Larantuka will distributed along the road. Travelling between any adjacent pair of those takes 4 to 6 hours and costs around 50000 rp in a normal bus. These buses are usually cramped, old and quite noisy. But most people find them OK for a 5-hour trip. They are also a good way to meet friendly locals. Between some towns there are also more modern vans. Very well known as "travels".  Big Toyota or similiar cars that take 5 passengers. This kind of premium economy class is more expensive but not faster. It is possible to find direct buses Labuanbajo-Bajawa, Bajawa-Maumere and also Ende-Larantuka. It takes at least 10 hours. Travelling at night is not recommended due to road conditions.

Some travelers choose to buy their own motorbike or rent one in Bali and travel through Nusa Tenggara. It is possible to find boats that take motorbikes between the islands In most of the towns in Flores, it is possible to rent a motorbike or scooters for only one day or a longer period of times. Prices and availability vary.

If you are in Flores and want to travel between Maumere - Endeh - Ruteng - Labuan Bajo myflorestour recommends Gunung Mas. We know them as avery reliable transport company for this way. Their buses are pretty new, comfortable, not overbooked and with A/C. Actually, they travel on schedule and have English speaking drivers. Most locals do not speak english. For all your other ways around Flores and Komodo island you better book a local guide like my florestour for example. Flores is a beautiful island with great landscapes and stunning views. So it is worth to get a bit more life quality. So read more about our reliable and very experienced, english speaking driver and tour-guides.



Myflorestour recommend you as a break:

Sunset food, Ahuwair village 28 km east of maumere larantuka road

  +6282147687254. Delicious and fresh food, nice vegetable curry, homemade spice special food from



If you come to the city Ende, be sure to try their kind of Indonesian coffee 'Kopi Ende'. It is coffee beans and ginger toasted together and brewed like normal coffee.


Stay safe!

On Flores island you can find different hospitals called "Rumah Sakit". Additionally some health stations called "Puskesmas".  Myflorestour recommend the hospital are in the city Cancar near Ruteng. Locatedin the western part of Flores Island. Furthermore the hospital a in the city of Lela near Maumere. Located in the eastern part of Flores island. Do NOT drink the water…. you might get TYPHOID! 



flora and fauna on flores island indonesia

Flora on Flores Island

Even the flowery name "Capo of the Flowers" suggests it, not more flowers grow here than in other parts of Indonesia. However, the landscape of Flores is very green.

Most of the original monsoon forests are today agricultural land. But still if you travel during or close after the rainy season you may think driving through a jungle. This are "gardens" which are jointly managed by the village communities. Many tropical crops, such as coffee, cocoa, bananas, durian, jackfruit, papaya, vanilla, and more grow across messed up and only the community know to differentiate who owns whichever tree or branch.

In the East of the island long time predominated Alang-Alang grass the landscape but now also these areas are successfully converted into agricultural land. The hillsides are terraced to ensure adequate nutrition of the population.

In the West near the town of Ruteng, rice fields dominate the landscape and in the East there are still extensive coconut palm groves, whose planting dates back to the era of colonization. Impressive are also the bamboo forests in the vicinity of Bajawa a valuable raw material for the construction of houses



Fauna on Flores Island


The west coast of Flores is one of the few places, aside from the island of Komodo itself, where the Komodo dragon can be found in the wild. The Flores giant rat is also endemic to the Island. Local reports of elf people, the Ebu Gogo, or the Orang Pendek of Sumatra, have caused speculation that Flores man may have survived into the historical period, or even to the present. The discovery has been published in the October 28, 2004, issue of Nature magazine. Flores was also a habitat of the extinct Stegodon dwarf elephant until approximately 18,000 years ago.