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Terms of service and conditions of MyFloresTour


General Terms and Conditions


(called in the following organizer)


Scope of the Terms


The booking of tours, tour-packages, tailormade tours, as well as corresponding services by MyFloresTour (in


following organizer) takes place on the basis of the following terms and conditions.



Conclusion of contract


By registering for participation or booking an event tour, tour-package, tailormade tours, as well as corresponding services, which only can be made over the Internet if the participant (s) can offer the organizer the conclusion of a contract on the basis of the respective description, these terms and conditions any additional information provided during the purchase or booking process to be communicated. About the assumption for which there is no particular form requires, we inform you by sending a confirmation (booking confirmation).




 The participant is obliged to immediately accept the confirmation received accordance with the information provided by him during the order check. deviations, the participant must immediately the organizer report. The participant should be 7 days after order or 3 days before the appointment he has not received any confirmation for the course / experience agrees to contact the organizer immediately.




The participant is liable for all obligations of registered participants from the contract and assured that these are the required personal Requirements to participate in the experience.Services, changes in services, prices


The performance obligation of the organizer results exclusively from the content of the confirmation in connection with the valid for the time of the order description, details and explanations.


The Organizer is obliged to inform the participant about performance changes and deviations in performance without delay and inform him with a declaration period of 10 days to offer a free resignation. A termination right of the participant stays untouched. The organizer is entitled to the venue, the implementation date and time (beginning and end of tours, tour packages, tailormade tours as well as corresponding services) if necessary, for reasons which can vary. Participant will be informed about such changes in a timely manner.



Prices and terms of payment


All prices are shown on are final prices in US Dollar.


The sending of the book form via the platform by the Internet user is the declaration of acceptance with regard to this offer and at the same time the offer of the Internet user to conclude a contract for the booking of the described discussion. After transferring the booking data record, the third-party provider will accept the Internet user's offer by means of a separate declaration.


By selecting a service like tour event the Internet user has the possibility to enter his / her personal data manually. The Internet user can see the preferred provider and the corresponding conditions and conditions in the overview. The Internet user can also enter their credit card information here. The credit card account is debited by the third party provider only after confirmation of the booking. Errors can be corrected on this page before submitting his contract declaration by changing the appropriate fields. You can cancel the booking by pressing the back key of the browser or closing the browser window. By clicking on the button "Book NOW your experience", he makes a binding offer to book the selected service/tour.


From the time of the respective booking via the platform comes between the internet user and MyFloresTour comes only a mediation contract, which has the transmission of the contractual declaration of the Internet user to the respective provider is the object.


MyFloresTour will acknowledge receipt of the declaration and the conclusion of the mediation agreement by means of an automatic acknowledgment of receipt by e-mail to the Internet user. The provider will accept the Internet user's offer by means of a separate declaration within 3 working days. Thereafter, the internet user is no longer bound by his contractual agreement.

When buying or booking an event (course / experience) is the payment due immediately, unless otherwise agreed in individual cases. Resignation by the participant, rebooking, substitute participants


The participant may until the beginning at any time by explanation to the organizer withdraw from the contract. To avoid misunderstandings, MyFloresTour recommend declaring the withdrawal in writing, giving the name.


Decisive for the cancellation fees is the receipt of the declaration of withdrawal the organizer. In each case of the resignation by the participant is under the organizer consideration of usually saved expenses and the usual possible other uses of the services following flat-rate compensation to: from receipt of the confirmation until the 30th day before the start: 25%,at least 25 US-dollar,


                                             from the 29th day to the 22nd day before start: 30%


  from the 21st day to the 15th day before start:   35%


                                             from the 14th day to the 08th day before start:  50%


                                             from the 07th day to the 01st day before start:   65%


                                             from the day (the beginning):                                      80%.


                                                                 No-shows / no-go:                                      100%


The participant is allowed to prove to the organizer that he has actually no or lower costs than the asserted cost flat rate have arisen. In this case, the participant is only to pay the actual committed costs.


The organizer reserves the right, in individual cases, to pay higher compensation, according to him incurred, to be compared to the participant in concrete terms and to be charged.The organizer strongly recommends the conclusion of a cancellation insurance. A legal claim to changes in terms of experience, the place and the accommodation does not exist. The change can only be made by resigning and subsequent new conclusion of a contract (new booking). Also in this case, the organizer is entitled to a lump sum cancellation fee as compensation for expenses incurred. The balance (Event price less the cancellation or cancellation costs) will be paid by the organizer disbursed to the participant in cash.

The naming of substitute participants is possible in principle, as far as the substitute participant meets the required conditions for participation.


 Resignation by the organizer - cancellation of the contract from exceptional establish

The organizer may fail to reach any in the specific description minimum number of participants in accordance with the following provisions of cancel a contract:

a) The minimum number of participants is in the reservation confirmation / confirmation indicated or it will be there on the appropriate information in the respective invitation to tender (e.g., subject to the achievement of minimum number).

b) The organizer is obliged to refuse the participant cancellation of tours, tour-packages, tailormade tours as well as corresponding services, to declare immediately, if it is certain that they for not reaching the minimum number of participants is not carried out

c) Cancellation by the organizer later than one week before the start is not permitted. A right of withdrawal exists if the organizer carries out the event is unreasonable, because the economic limit of sacrifice is not too circumstances are exceeded.

In the case of resignation to No. 1 - 2 by organizer, the purchase price is barred paid back to the participant.


 If the experience after conclusion of the contract due to force majeure, including the destruction of accommodation at the venue or equivalent incidents count, unpredictably severely hampered, endangered or impaired, the be canceled. For already provided services, the organizer ask for a fee. If the circumstances mentioned arise after the start, the contract may also be get picked up. The organizer has one in this case compensation claim for services rendered or to be rendered. On further claim of the participant does not exist.

The organizer may terminate the contract after the beginning, if the participant the performance of the contract, regardless of a warning, disturbs or if he acts contrary to the contract to such an extent that the immediate abolition of the contract is also justified for the protection of other participants or if the participant does not meet a participation requirement. Announces the organizer, so he reserves the right to the entire experience price; the organizer has to but allow the value of saved expenses to be taken into account.



If at an event or an experience a particular vehicle or a particular technical device or the involvement of a specific person belongs to the content of the description and this vehicle, technical equipment or person is unavailable on the day of participation in the experience the organizer reserves the right to make a replacement. If this is not possible, the organizer reserves the right to carry it out of the experience, even at short notice, to cancel.

 In the case of failure, the price already paid will be payable to the participant repaid.


MyFloresTour Liability


The liability of the organizer for contractual breaches of duty and tort is limited to intent and gross negligence. Liability in case of violation of cardinal obligations is due to the regularly foreseeable damage limited.

The liability for damages in case of breach of essential obligations in the case slight negligence and the applicability of travel contract law is on the triple experience price and limited to typical and predictable damage, at the violation of secondary duties, the liability for damages is excluded.

All claims for damages expire one year after their creation. This does not apply to claims for tort.

Claims under the product liability act and other statutory provisions guarantee liability does not find the above limitations of liability application. The same applies if as a consequence of the death or a body or damage to health occurred.

As far as the liability is excluded or limited by the organizer, this is valid also for the personal liability of employees, legal representatives and vicarious agents from the organizer.


MyFloresTour program change

The organizer reserves the right to cancel tours, tour-packages as well as corresponding services partly or completely for security reasons or in case of force majeure and unpredictable or sudden natural disasters at any time.The participant is obliged to behave in an environmentally conscious way, and follow the instructions of MyFloresTour-guides, drivers and especially Park Rangers in Komodo National Park.



The disclaimer must be accepted and signed before any tour starts.


Applicable law and jurisdiction

On the contractual relationship between the participant and the organizer finds exclusively Indonesian law application.

This also applies to the entire relationship.

The exclusive jurisdiction is the city of  Labuan Bajo, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.


Final provisions

Should provisions of these terms and conditions be or become ineffective, this shall be affected the effectiveness of the remaining provisions is not. Instead, everyone is valid ineffective provision corresponding to the purpose of the agreement or at least close substitute provision as they reach the parties the same economic result, if they ineffectiveness of the provision. The same applies to gaps.


Last updated in October 2018